About us

Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics is one of the best dermatology and skin care clinic located in Ludhiana offers international standards of services.

It is a skin care clinic with state of art equipment and boasts impressive infrastructure.

We at Sparsh , adopt and upgrade world class equipments and technology that improves the confidence of our patients. We provide total skin and hair care solutions that are best in class, personalized , care oriented and ensure a human touch to all our services.

Why Choose Us

“Age is inevitable but looking your age is not!”

Treating skin is an art and science. Smooth soft glowing skin is a result of beautiful texture, proper hydration and good care .We are all born with beautiful skin but ageing , hormonal changes ,stress and bad life style gradually deteriorates the skin quality and makes it dull. We at Sparsh provide best professional and personalized care to all our clients to bring out their natural best.

It is incredibly important to choose the right dermatologist with special training and expertise in aesthetics to help you improve any imperfections and understand the best skin care approach.

Glowing skin is not a miracle but a commitment and that makes Sparsh your first choice when it comes to aesthetics.


Laser Hair Reduction

TIRED OF WAXING, THREADING OR SHAVING??? Thinking of Laser hair reduction n don’t know what to do ? Where to go ?


Tri Beam Laser Toning

Tri Beam Laser Toning for Skin Rejuvenation ( Laser Skin Whitening). Fair n flawless skin… is not a dream anymore.


Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser Tattoo Removal results in the permanent removal or dramatic fading of unwanted tattoos. Tattoos are permanent because the ink particles deposited in the skin are too large for the body to remove.


Fat reduction and body contouring

Sparsh Aesthetics is excited to offer a non-invasive, pain-free approach to reduce unwanted fat in the abdomen, thighs, back and love handles.


Chemical Peel

CHEMICAL PEELS Chemical peel. Definition. A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to gradually remove the top layers.


Hair Loss Treatments

Mesotheraphy with biotin / Saw palmetto – In this treatment a very small doses of Biotin / Saw Palmetto and Stem cells are directly injected with a very small needle or a meso-gun into the scalp.