Laser Hair Reduction

TIRED OF WAXING, THREADING OR SHAVING??? Thinking of Laser hair reduction n don’t know what to do ? Where to go ?

We have answer to all your queries related to laser hair reduction. Just step in to Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics to get the best solution.

At Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics we use Primelase HR is one of the fastest, safest & most powerful laser hair removal systems on the market.

It is a painless method that removes hair even from the most difficult areas such as abdomen, underarms, bikini line, arms, shoulders, back, etc.

The procedure is safe and has no downtime.

It saves your precious time that temporary methods like waxing or shaving require on a bi-weekly basis.

The outcome of laser hair removal is definitely many times better than the conventional methods such as electrolysis and depilatories.

It is the best permanent Laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is well absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles, which in turn, transmits the laser energy to stem cells in the hair root. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, just long enough to vaporize the pigment, disabling stem cells in hair follicles to eliminate or significantly impede the hair’s grow.

At Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics we offer laser treatments for all body parts. The popular ones are –

1. Full Body Laser Hair Removal – Women often opt for this service when they want to get rid of all the unwanted hair from the entire body.

2. Selective Laser Hair Removal

Face – Usually, women get facial hair removal done to have soft and smooth skin on their entire face.
Beard – Men who opt for this type of laser hair removal get it done to give their beard a defined shape.
Chin & Upper Lips – Excessive hair growth on the chin & upper lips can look very unsightly, and women get this laser treatment at our clinics very often.
Chest – For the chiselled and clean look, many men are going for chest laser hair removal.
Bikini line – This popularity of this laser treatment is on the rise at our clinic.
Brazilian – For hygiene and aesthetic reasons, many of female clients are choosing to go for this laser treatment.
Underarm – Opted often for by both women and men for better hygiene and the liberty to wear sleeveless clothes.
Back, Hands, & Legs – Depending on the client’s personal preference, larger body areas like the back, full hands, and full legs are also subjected to laser hair reduction.