Medical Tourism

Some dermatology procedures can cost thousands of dollars. This has led to more and more people choosing dermatology tourism for their skin care. The primary reason that people choose dermatology tourism is to save money. Another common motivation for dermatology tourism is to avoid lengthy wait times. Some doctors and clinics, especially those offering the latest dermatology procedures, can have long wait lists. With dermatology tourism, patients are able to get their treatment without delay.

At Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics we do everything to make our patients feel at ease through the application of the most advanced therapeutic and cosmetic procedures. Dr Ruchi S. Mutneja, our dermatologist has a great experience and thorough knowledge in the her field and provides dermatologic care and services to our patients at word-class level, using cutting-edge equipment and technology with proven medical results.

The combination of advanced Laser systems and state-of-the-art, high-end therapeutic methods constitutes the perfect method for the management and treatment of various skin conditions, taking advantage of both the effectiveness and the safety.

The personalized treatment, the comprehensive high quality services certified and accredited by International Standards, and the results we deliver to each and every one of our patients make us the best dermatologic clinic.

Among the various dermatologic and cosmetic treatments and services we provide at SPARSH AESTHETICSincludes:

Microdermabrasion (silver and diamond polishing)
Chemical peels
Laser skin whitening ( laser tonning) with TRIBEAM Laser
RF Microneedling for Acne Scars
Laser hair removal with state-of-the-art Lasers ( Primelase HR)
Laser Tattoo removal
Mole removal
Wart removal
Treatment of all pigmented lesions ( freckles, lentigens, melasma)
Treatment of birth marks ( nevus of ota )
Mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation and hair
Vampire face lift ( PRP for facial rejuvenation)
PRP ( platelet rich plasma therapy )for hair growth
Stem cell therapy for hair growth
Treatment of dark circles
Glutathione treatment ( injections and mesotherapy)
Pre bridal packages
Anti ageing packages
Body contouring treatments

In India, specially in Punjab you can combine high-quality cosmetic or medical treatments with great holidays, including cultural visits and many other interesting activities. Equipped with high-end medical equipment and infrastructure, SPARSH is the ideal destination for medical tourists who search for the best treatments at the most affordable prices.