Tri Beam Laser Toning for Skin Rejuvenation ( Laser Skin Whitening)

Fair n flawless skin… is not a dream anymore… The miracle has happened at Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics in the form of Tribeam laser tonning. Experience high performance photo rejuvenation results like never before with TRIBEAM laser at Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics.

We are very excited to announce that we have brand new addition to range of cutting edge, results driven beauty equipment.

TRIBEAM is scientifically advanced Q Switched ND-YAG laser that boasts exceptional photo rejuvenation results in treatment of large pores, skin peeling, tightening and lifting, removing pigmented lesions, collagen regeneration and also tattoo removal.

Photo rejuvenation is because of unique Gen Technology which utilises Quasi Long Pulse and provides a functional combination of thermal lifting and toning.

TRIBEAM fractional Q – Switched Nd: Yag Laser provides 3 unique handpieces such as the Zoom Handpiece( 1 -10 mm), Fractional Handpiece (5 x 5 mm2) & Collimator Handpiece (7 mm). Fractional Handpiece can reduce the pain / side effects remarkably during or after the Collimator Handpiece cover bigger areas in much short time & designed for Soft Peeling for improving the skin texture.

Our demanding modern lifestyle and the vicious cycle of pollution has left our skin dull. Your misery ends here as Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics has the perfect solution for your tired, aging skin.

What Is Laser Toning?
TRI-BEAM Laser Toning is a cosmetic treatment that has revolutionized the skin care. Considered the best method of skin lightening and skin rejuvenation, it is a remarkable technology for treating multiple skin issues. Whether it is sun damage, open pores, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark underarms, uneven complexion, coarse skin texture or fine lines, TRI-BEAM Laser Toning is the answer to all skin problems.

TRI-BEAM uses an advanced form of Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser that smoothens and reverses skin issues. It uses light and heat energy emitted from a laser with the help of carbon to vaporize the upper layers of skin that are damaged. The light beams consistently break down the dark melanin pigments that are responsible for the blemishes, pigmentation, scars, tan, etc. and reveals the underneath layers of your skin. The laser also stimulates and improves collagen production thereby allowing a healthy, fresh, and younger looking skin to shine through.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Toning Treatment ?
Laser Toning using TRI-BEAM technology has greatly changed the course of skin rejuvenation. It has also been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, by inducing collagen and improving the skin’s elasticity.

TRI-BEAM Laser Toning can reverse the damage and correct the effects of pollution, age, stress, and sun.
It improves skin clarity and skin discoloration.
It helps with skin lightening.
Can be used on various parts of the body – face, neck, arms, underarms, lips, feet, etc.
Suitable for all types of skin.
It is a ‘lunch hour’ procedure (20-30mins).

There are no tell-a-tale signs and no downtime post the session (there may be mild redness that will last for a few minutes).

Pain-free treatment (no anesthesia needed

Is There Any Side Effects?

There aren’t as many side effects of TRI-BEAM Laser Toning as compared to other types of lasers. Some cases of effects after the treatment such as redness, moderate swelling, and mild irritation (same of sunburn) have been reported. The most severe cases can cause scarring, burning, and drastic change in pigmentation and this is primarily in the case of unskilled technicians performing the procedure.

The laser technology (Q switched Nd: YAG technology) and TRIBEAM LASER has been approved by the US FDA for its efficacy and safe conduct.

Our clients have successfully achieved what they had desired. SparshAesthetics is the destination for all your skin and hair trouble.

Step into Sparsh Aesthetics and Diagnostics and watch your skin reverse itself into its former glory. TRI-BEAM Laser Toning will remove all signs of aging, stress, and pollution giving you an immaculate complexion.


Tattoo Removal
Treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmentation
Non-ablative skin rejuvenation and toning
Treatment of Acne and Enlarged Pores
Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles
Lifting, tightening and toning of ageing skin
Treatment of Dark Lips
Minimum patient discomfort and post procedure downtime.